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Land art is a tendency in contemporary art, using the setting and materials of nature (wood, earth, stones, sand, rock, etc.). Most often, the works are outside, exposed to the elements and subject to natural erosion; therefore, some have disappeared and leave behind only photographs and videos.


Robert Smithson

American artist, born in New Jersey, 1938-1973
Died in a plane crash

Spiral Jetty 1970 Rozel Point in the state of Utah

Richard Long

British artist, born in 1945 in Bristol, England

Dennis Oppenheim

American artist born in Electric City, Washington, in 1938
Contemporary artist land art and body art 
Exhibited 3 times at the Venice Biennial

Nil Udo

German artist born in Lauf in Bavaria in 1937

Andy Goldworthy

British artist, born in Cheshire in 1956
Exhibited at the Venice Biennial

Michael Heizer

American artist, born in Berkeley, California in 1944
Specializes in large-scale sculptures

Walter de Maria

American artist, born in 1935 in Albany, California

The Lightning Field, 400 steel masts in New Mexico

Patrick T. Dougherty

American artist

James Turrell

American artist, born in 1945 in Los Angeles
Works with light

Cristo and Jeanne-Claude

Cristo: Bulgarian-American artist born in 1935 in Bulgaria 
Jeanne-Claude: French-American artist born in Casablanca, Morocco
They met in Paris in 1958.
Their son Cyrill, born in 1960, would later become a poet
They were both born June 13, 1935
Jeanne-Claude died in November 2009

Roy Staab

American artist, Wisconsin, works often in and with water

Andres Amador

American artist, works on beaches

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Source: Land Art Info / directory of Land Art and In Situ Art / Internet